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3/16/09 - New Poll
Seems like people like the domain enough for us to just leave things as they are. The new poll is just to see what areas people would like us to focus on. There's not shortage of things to do on the site, but if we could develop the stuff that would generate the most traffic, we might manage to encourage more contributors.
1/14/09 - Back to work
So development on the site has been pretty stagnant for the past month while I worked on graduate applications. Thankfully, I'm on the home stretch so I should be putting more time in steadily pretty soon. This does not mean I haven't been thinking about the wiki, and I do have some new ideas which I will announce once they've been implemented. -Flipside1300 00:44, 15 January 2009 (UTC)
10/20/08 - To Do List
We have compiled a list of a bunch of pages that need work in one place, complete with descriptions, ratings and sorted into categories. This is a great place to find something to work on.
10/15/08 - link now works!
Finally got the redirect to work, so now you can point people either to or!

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