This is a list of pages that are most needed on this site. If you are interested in contributing but don't know where to start, this is the place for you. As things get completed, they will be removed and new ones will be added. Each page that needs work has a brief description about the type of content that is needed, though these are recommendations and not strict guide lines. Please contribute however you are able.

Topic TypesEdit

The To Do List is divided into sections similar to the sections on the front page, and these include some of the major areas of this wiki. Within each section, various pages are mentioned along with descriptions of the desired content. Each page has a rating tag associated with it that indicates its estimated reliance on a type of source material, on a 1 star (*) to 5 star (*****) scale, and if it needs a picture. These ratings look like (Exp: ***, Res: ****, Pic), abbreviating 'experience', 'research' and 'pictures'.

  • Experienced Based - (Exp: *****)
Some pages need to be written by drawing from one's own experiences. Pages that give advice for how do deal with situations or take advantage of opportunities would fall into this category. These pages require good writing skill and creativity but do not require research. A page with a rating of * would require little personal insight, whereas a page rated at ***** is based almost entirely on relating your own experiences on a subject.
  • Research Based - (Res: *****)
Not everyone is comfortable creating original content, in which case you might be interested in research based pages. These pages rely on finding information from other sources and compiling them into an article here on this wiki. If you are just going to copy and paste material from somewhere else on the internet, make sure you have permission to do so and be sure to cite your source. You may also paraphrase material from other sites so that it fits the style of this wiki, again, with citations. A page rated at * would have very little objective information, whereas a page rated at ***** consist mainly of factual information.
  • Pictures - (Pic)
It's hard to have an interesting website without pictures, which is why some pages will be marked as needing a Pic. Ideally these will be pictures you take yourself, but finding them on the internet can be alright too. Be aware though that some internet pictures have copyright issues, so they may need to be properly cited. This category is for all pages that need pictures; more is better so don't feel bad if someone beats you to it. Eventually we'd like to add the ability to cycle through pictures each time you view a page. To upload an image, the easiest way is to click the "Add Images" button near the top right of the text field while editing.
  • Update - (Update)
Things change, pages need to be updated. This tag will probably show up a lot at the beginning of a semester.

Student OrganizationsEdit

  • Honor Societies – Individual pages for any and all honor societies on campus. Useful information would include an overview of the organization’s history at UCB, how to qualify, and a regular updating of upcoming events and organization officers. (Exp: ****, Res: ***, Pic)
  • Religious Groups – Individual pages for any and all religious groups on campus. Useful info would include an overview of the religious demographic that the group is based on, times/locations when and where the group meets, a regular updating of upcoming events and organization officers, and perhaps a brief overview of the group’s history. (Exp: ****, Res: ***, Pic)
  • Sports – Sports is a very broad category. The main divide would be between intercollegiate sports programs at UCB, and intramural sports. For intercollegiate sports, pages would be created regarding a program’s history, listings for its current and former roster and personnel, and any important titles that the team has won. For intramural sports, there should be one general page about what sports are available and how to create a team. As the category is fleshed out, individual pages for student-created teams is a possibility. There are probably too many individual intercollegiate sports programs to list here, but good starters for intramurals include:


Pages in the Academics section should concern themselves with the actual process of taking (and succeeding in) any given class at UC Berkeley, or with the process of enrolling and eventually earning a degree.

  • Academic resources - Pages here should relate to the types of resources that a student has available outside of classes to help improve studying. The aforementioned page on Study Groups is, once again, a good example. Other pages might cover tutoring services that are available, suggestions for taking advantage of Office hours, or anything related to using the Library.

About UC BerkeleyEdit

  • History of UC Berkeley - Some sort of history of the school would be nice to have, just a general description for now but can be very detailed. (Exp:**, Res: ****, Pic)
  • Statistics - School statistics such as admission rates, population, ranking, etc. The more the better. (Exp:*, Res:****)
  • Traditions - Any and all traditions associated with Berkeley, a main page and additional sub pages are needed. A sub section would include Berkeley Songs for example. A explanation about the Stanford Rivalry would also fall at least partly into this category.


  • People - The People page is a starting point for finding or adding pages for Professors and GSIs. The Professors and GSIs pages also need to be created, including a description of the position and links for searching and finding them. They all could probably use a picture to make them more interesting. Pages need to be created for almost all professors and GSIs, this includes information such as schedules, classes, office hours, contact information, and any other important information you can think of. These pages are intended to be neutral and should avoid anything objectionable. Much of the information can probably be found on the persons webpage. The People page does not currently encompass students or the administration, this may change in the future though.


  • Networking - Networking is something that is very important to consider during college, even if it's never explicitly mentioned. We would like to help people by educating them about this topic and showing them how to develop their own personal network. A lot of a persons success in life is reliant on the support of their peers and advisors, whether it is advice, assistance, or recommendations. Social Networking is a sub category which would also want to mention Social Networking Sites (ie. facebook and myspace) and the advantages of maintaining and developing your social network.



Living in BerkeleyEdit

  • Restaurants and Businesses - For Restaurant and Business pages, it is not our goal to compete with sites like yelp. Yelp is a very useful and established site, but it does not necessarily encompass everything that is useful about these places. For example, yelp cannot compile all its information into one useful post since it is constantly being updated with new opinions. A wiki based entry can provide a descriptive summary of the restaurant and maybe some useful facts like most popular dishes. It could also prominently mention any special deals offered by a business. This approach would complement yelp's opinionated comments which could be visited by users to make a final decision. Feel free to make bare bones entries for places, someone else can always fill in more later, creating a page is the (relatively) hard part.


  • Flyers - To spread awareness for this site, Flyers are a must. We'll need two kinds of flyers, a smaller one for handing out to people in person, and a larger one for posting around campus. The smaller one would be geared towards soliciting contributions from student groups at first, but then adjusted later more towards everybody. Something about the size of a note-card would be the goal. The poster would be something simple that could potentially be printed by anyone for posting around campus. We would first need to take care of some administrative details so that we are permitted to advertise on campus before implementing either of these options. Still, catchy designs and slogans are much appreciated. (Exp: ****, Res: ***)