Welcome to Telegraph Avenue, nexus of the Bezerkely lifestyle. If you somehow manage to not once walk this street before you graduate Berkeley, congratulations, you've probably managed four of the crappiest college years known to man. Almost all the social functions require you to cross this street's path once.

Right around the Telegraph Avenue neighborhood lie many local attractions (or detractions, depending on your POV), including People's Park, Yogurt Park, no parking, etc.


If you weren't around in the 1960s in Berkeley and wanted to get to know the people who were going through revolution, don't worry; the people who weren't teargassed into submission by Governor Reagan's are all still here. Most of them sell cheap handmade scarves and trinkents. Others sell politically blatant t-shirts that would get you arrested and thrown in prison in 45 states.

Businesses in the Telegraph AreaEdit

Restaurants in the Telegraph AreaEdit