Tips for choosing your majorEdit

  • There will be better advice eventually. For now you'll have to deal with these crappy tips.
  • For 90% of you, your major does not matter. Unless you get a hardcore science or engineering major, your path is still totally up in the air after college. And even then your pathway is wide open. Don't focus so much on that.
  • Unless you are totally convinced your future is in academia or are dead set on your career path, choose something that's practical but not totally difficult. If you choose something practical but difficult without the foggiest idea of what you're getting yourself into, you will turn into a wreck, and despise your undergrad life. If you end up taking the easiest major like Dutch Marijuana Studies, you're going to be just like your friends at Sac State out there scrounging for a job when you're done.
  • Do not even begin to think about grad school. Not until the summer before your final year should it even enter your mind. Chances are you will switch your major once.
  • Think about what you want to accomplish in college. Do you enjoy your loner life and wish to remain on the island just long enough for you to get your degree? Do you want to become a super academic, get big recommendations from your professor, land that cushy job? Do you want to have a lot of friends, be with other people, make connections that'll last a lifetime? Or do you want to just party it up and hone up your beer pong game? Think about what you want out of college and
  • DO NOT BE STUBBORN. If you pick a major and realize it's not your dig, there's nothing stopping you from switching it. If you realize this is not what you want, go back and find something else that appeals to you more. Just put aside your pride and find where you want to be.