Old News

10/20/08 - To Do List
We have compiled a list of a bunch of pages that need work in one place, complete with descriptions, ratings and sorted into categories. This is a great place to find something to work on.
10/15/08 - link now works!
Finally got the redirect to work, so now you can point people either to or!
9/9/08 - New Page Templates are Up
Finally got most of the kinks out of making a new page. We now have preset templates for adding certain types of content like Organizations, Restaurants and Classes.
8/28/08 - Reorganizing and site structure
Cleaned up the organization of the front page to make it more accessible in addition to numerous stubs to fill out the site's architecture.
8/21/08 - New Page Creation Interface in the Works
Working hard on making it easy to add content like classes, groups, and people using preset templates. Check it out here.
8/8/08 - We Moved! has moved all its content to wikia.
7/19/08 - UCB Wiki Created!
UCB Wiki was founded with the goal of becoming the ultimate survival guide for UC Berkeley students.