Nezar AlSayyad
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Basic Information
Title Professor
Department Architecture

345 Wurster Hall

Phone (510) 642-4852


  • Ph.D. Architecture, University of California, Berkeley
  • M.S. Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • D.T.P. Planning, Cairo University
  • B.Arch., Cairo University[1]

Current Class InfoEdit

Previous ClassesEdit

  • ARCH 201/CY PLAN 248: Urban Design Studio
  • ARCH 111/CY PLAN 111: Introduction to Housing — An International Survey
  • ARCH 271: Theories and Methods of Architectural History
  • ARCH 209A: Seminar in Architectural Theory
  • ARCH 209D: Final Project Preparation Seminar
  • ARCH 219A/CY PLAN 231: Housing in Developing Countries
  • ARCH 279: Seminar in Urban History
  • ARCH 281: Methods of Inquiry in Architectural Research
  • ENV DES 251: Urban Places Seminar


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Student PerspectiveEdit

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