LeConte Hall is where rockstar physicists get to do their awesome demos. They usually pretend to lecture for 75-90 minutes, but they're all like, "I'm above this trivial dialogue" and get moving onto the demo. Half the time it's really boring, but for the faintest of glimpses, you realize, 'wow, this is why I loved physics in the first place'. Then it goes away and you're back to wondering how I'm going to cheat to find the problem set answers this time around.

Although they recently added new class halls, it will never replace the ancient and superficial charm of good ol' LeConte. That reading room is a place of magic and anonymous 3 am sex tips on the chalkboard. No one will ever know it was you.

This building is sandwiched between the Campanile and Campbell Hall. Evans is on the North across the road, Birge on the south.