This is how you do laundry.


It is recommended, though not always necessary, to separate your lights and darks into 2 separate loads. The reason for this is that lights can be washed in higher temperature to get them cleaner. Darks are washed in cold water to preserve their colors.

If something says "dry clean only", wash them at your own risk. For these items, it is recommended you take them to a dry cleaners where they will take care of everything for you.

If any clothes have stains, pretreat them with a stain remover if you want to increase the chances of cleaning it. Not pretreating stains can potentially make them permanent. Make sure to follow the specific directions for your stain remover for best effects, this can involve waiting.

Do not overfill a washing machine, this prevents clothes from moving around and they won't get as clean.

Add the detergent to the washing machine, most detergents are safe to use with all clothes, but you should read the instructions just in case. The amount of detergent you add should be proportional to the how full the washing machine is.

Some clothes should not be washed at high temperatures and will say so on their label. For these clothes and darks, use the cold setting.

For lights, you can use either the warm or hot setting. Be careful when using the hot setting, as this can shrink some clothes and ruin them for you. If you are unsure about temperature, just use warm.

Use the normal setting for most clothes.

Washing typically takes 20-30 minutes depending on the kind of washer.


Remove the clothes from the washing machine and place them in the dryer. Some clothes need to be hang dried, do not place these in the dryer or risk damaging them.

Use the normal setting for most clothes.

Heavy items like jeans typically take longer to dry. If there are numerous heavy items in your load, it will take longer for it to finish.

Once the dryer is finished, remove clothes promptly and then either fold or hang them to prevent wrinkles.