La Burrita (Southside)
La Burrita (Southside) image
Basic Information
Cuisine Mexican


Hours 11 AM - 11 PM Sun-Thurs, 11 AM - 1:30 AM Fri-Sat
Phone (510) 845-9090

La Burrita is a cheap option for students craving Mexican food. There are two locations around campus: One on the Southside of the campus near the Telegraph area, and one on the northern side of campus past the North Gate on Euclid Avenue.


La Burrita straddles the fast food line, but does manage to sustain its own unique style of cost-friendly and sufficiently satisfying food. You have a lot of typical Mexican options which are watered down for the college environment, so you can get your burrito. Many of your Latino friends would not judge this diet to be worthy of the grand Mexican tradition, but for those who aren't interested in treating themselves with gourmet delights, it's a good stopover on the way from classes or the library after school is done.

There are also free chips you get with your order, and you can pick out which type of salsa you desire. Orders don't take longer than ten minutes to be ready if things aren't crowded.


Student PerspectiveEdit

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