Ken Ribet
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Title Professor
Department Mathematics

885 Evans Hall

Phone 510-642-0468

Ken Ribet is a professor of mathematics at UC Berkeley. He is famous for his work on Fermat's Last Theorem, thus automatically anointing him into the Mathematics Rock Star Hall of Fame.


Kenneth Ribet studied at Brown University and Harvard University. He received his PhD in 1973 from Harvard, where his advisor was John Tate. After three years of teaching in Princeton and two years of research in Paris, Ribet joined the Berkeley faculty in 1978. He received his department's Distinguished Teaching Award in 1985.

Ribet is known for his work in number theory and algebraic geometry. He played a prominent role in the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem by showing that this statement was a logical consequence of a conjecture about elliptic curves. (Andrew Wiles proved this conjecture in 1995, thereby obtaining Fermat's Last Theorem as a corollary.)[1]

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Previous ClassesEdit

  • Math 199, undergraduate seminar on cryptography (Fall, 2007).
  • Math 54, linear algebra and differential equiations (Spring, 2007).
  • Math 115, number theory (Fall, 2006).
  • Math 54, linear algebra and differential equations (Fall, 2005).
  • Math 110, linear algebra (Spring, 2005).
  • Math 191, cryptography (Spring, 2005).
  • Math 250A, graduate algebra (Fall, 2004).
  • Math 114, Galois theory (Spring, 2004).
  • Math H110, honors linear algebra (Fall, 2003).
  • Math 250B, graduate algebra (Spring, 2003).
  • Math H113, honors abstract algebra (Spring, 2003).
  • Math 110, linear algebra (Fall, 2002).
  • Math 250A, graduate algebra (Fall, 2001).
  • Math 115, number theory (Fall, 2000).
  • Math 115, number theory (Fall, 1999).
  • Math 290, graduate research seminar on modular curves, modular forms and Galois representations (Spring, 1999).
  • Math 115, number theory (Spring, 1998).
  • Math 55, discrete mathematics (Fall, 1997).


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