Jan Reimann
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Basic Information
Title Assistant Professor
Department Mathematics

705 Evans Hall

Phone +1 (510) 642-9174

Jan Reimann is a visiting postdoc from Heidelberg Germany. He spends most of his time here sHe's a rock star. His accent's kinda thick though.


Current Class InfoEdit

  • Fall 2008
  • Math 104 - Introduction to Analysis
  • Math 125A - Mathematical Logic[1]
  • Upcoming, Spring 2008
    • Math 104 - Introduction to Analysis

Previous ClassesEdit

  • Fall 2007
    • Math 104 - Introduction to Analysis
    • Math 110 - Linear Algebra
  • Spring 2007
    • Math 185 - Introduction to Complex Analysis
  • Fall 2006
    • Math 104 - Introduction to Analysis


Additional Contact InformationEdit

Student PerspectiveEdit

Math 104 Ratings: "If he is teaching, you must, must, must take his course if you have a passion for math, esp. analysis. A very nice man, not at all pompous considering he's completely brilliant. Lectures are not too large, the flow is good--proofs, tests, and hw are pretty difficult, but worth it. you will learn to master the subject rather than regurgitate it<3... he is a new teacher and gave us very hard homeworks and mid-term at the beginning of the semester. but the difficulity of works change to much more normal now...Reimann is an awesome instructor, lively and clear; really manages to convey concepts well. I looked forward to attending this class. Sure, the homeworks aren't always a walk in the park, but seriously now, do you want to learn analysis or not?" [2]

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