List of Fall 2008 Departments- A image
Evans Hall is located in the center of campus, just north of the Campanile and LeConte Hall while being bordered on the left by Memorial Glade. In contrast to the rather pictureseque UC campus postcards you get, Evans is a dull, ugly green lego block. It would be nice if they would tear it down and replace it with a strip mall, an In-N-Out, or a Trader Joe's, but noooo, we're stuck with this piece of crap to house some of the finest minds of the campus. It's a metaphor to the treatment you can expect if you want a quality major from this campus that doesn't end in the word 'studies'.

Evans is host to the math, statistics, and economics sections of cmapus. It is where the vi text editor was created, which is only relevant trivia to you if you understand what ":26,$s/\<[a-z]/\U&/g" means.[1]

The UC Berkeley 2020 Long Range Development Plan calls for Evans Hall to be "replaced with a pair of new pavilions, restoring the view from the Mining Circle to the Bay." [2]

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