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Departments & OfficesEdit

Admissions, Undergraduate, Sproul Hall, D-4

African American Studies, Barrows Hall, D-3

Anthropology, Kroeber Hall, D-2

Archaeological Research Facility, 2251 College Ave., D-2

Architecture (incl. Visual Studies), Wurster Hall, D-2

Art, Kroeber Hall, D-2

Asian American Studies, Barrows Hall, D-3

Asian Studies, Stephens Hall, D-3; 2223 Fulton St., D-7

Astronomy, Campbell Hall, C-3

Business, Haas School of, Haas School Complex, C-1/2

Cal Rentals, Residential & Student Services Bldg., F-3

California Alumni Association, Alumni House, D-5

Capital Projects, 1936 University Ave., B-7; A&E Bldg., D-4

Career Center, 2111 Bancroft Way, D-7

Chancellor’s Office, California Hall, C-4

Chemical Engineering, Tan and Gilman Halls, C-3

Chemistry, Latimer and Lewis Halls, C-2

Chicano Studies, Barrows Hall, D-3

City & Regional Planning, Wurster Hall, D-2

Civil & Environmental Engineering, Davis Hall, B-3

Classics, Dwinelle Hall, D-4

Community Relations, 1925 Walnut St., B-7

Comparative Literature, Dwinelle Hall, D-4

Computer Science, Soda Hall, A-3

Conference Services, 2601 Warring St., F-1

Disabled Students’ Program, Chávez Student Center, D-4

Earth & Planetary Science, McCone Hall, B-4

East Asian Languages & Cultures, Durant Hall, C-4

Economics, Evans Hall, B-3

Education, Graduate School of, Tolman Hall, B-5

Electrical Engineering, Cory Hall, B-3

Employment Office, University Hall, C-7

Engineering, College of, McLaughlin Hall, B-4

English, Wheeler Hall, C-4

Environmental Design, College of, Wurster Hall, D-2

Environmental Science, Policy & Management, Mulford Hall, B-6

Environmental Sciences, Campbell Hall, C-3

Ethnic Studies, Barrows Hall, D-3

Film, Dwinelle Hall, D-4

Financial Services, Sproul Hall, D-4; University Hall, C-7

Gender Equity Resource Center, Chávez Student Center, D-4

Geography, McCone Hall, B-4

Governmental Studies, Institute of, Moses Hall, D-3

History, Dwinelle Hall, D-4

History of Art, Doe Library, C-4

Housing & Dining Services, Residential & Student Services Bldg., F-3

Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, Etcheverry Hall, A-3/4

Information Management & Systems, School of, South Hall, C-4

Institute of Industrial Relations, 2521 Channing Way, E-4

Integrative Biology, Valley Life Sciences Building, C-5

Interdisciplinary Studies, Campbell Hall, C-3

International & Area Studies, Stephens Hall, D-3

Journalism, Graduate School of, North Gate Hall, B-4

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning, Wurster Hall, D-2

Languages, Dwinelle Hall, D-4

Latin American Studies, Center for, 2334 Bowditch St., E-3

Law, School of, Boalt Hall, D-2

Letters & Science, College of, Campbell Hall, C-3

Linguistics, Dwinelle Hall, D-4

Mail Services, 2000 Carleton St., F-7

Mass Communications, Campbell Hall, C-3

Materials Science & Engineering, Hearst Memorial Mining Building, B-3

Mathematics, Evans Hall, B-3

Mechanical Engineering, Etcheverry Hall, A-3/4

Middle Eastern Studies, Stephens Hall, D-3

Molecular & Cell Biology, Life Sciences Addition, C-5

Music, Morrison Hall, D-3

Native American Studies, Barrows Hall, D-3

Natural Resources, College of, Giannini Hall, B-5

Near Eastern Studies, Barrows Hall, D-3

Nuclear Engineering, Etcheverry Hall, A-3/4

Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology, Morgan Hall, B-6

Optometry, School of, Minor Hall, D-2

Parking Office, 2150 Kittredge St., D-7

Peace & Conflict Studies, Stephens Hall, C-3

Philosophy, Moses Hall, D-3