Bicycles are a very popular mode of transportation around berkeley, but they make very tempting targets for theft. There is a thriving black market for wheels, seats, and whole bikes, those things are worth money. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your bike is still there when you get out of class.  Do not park your bike in the same place, same time as it is then a target.  There are no locks that can prevent a theft, so it is best not to take a good bike on campus.  Those with good bikes and in the know, do not let them out of their sight. Police have said to those whose bikes are stolen, they feel people do not get strong enough warnings about theft on campus.

Use a bike lockEdit

While thin, flexible locks might seem more convenient, they are relatively easy for someone with the right tools to cut right through. Heavy duty U locks are the best, followed by braided wire locks.

Park your bike with othersEdit

Bicycles parked by themselves make tempting targets for thieves. Always try to park your bike at a bike rack as they are designed to be a safe place to leave your bike. That being said, it is not recommended to ever leave your bike overnight on campus or on the street. Given enough time and the cover of darkness, any bike can be stolen.

Lock everything downEdit

If it's not locked down, don't count on it being there later. First and foremost, always lock your frame and front wheel to the bike rack.


Front wheels are very easy to separate from bicycles, and this is intentional, since most have a quick release. Most of the time, like during the day and in crowded places, your rear wheel will be safe unlocked. This is because it takes more time to take it off because of the chain. However, if you do need to leave your bike somewhere where it might potentially be at risk, a second lock for your rear wheel is recommended.

Don't leave valuables on your bikeEdit

If you have accessories like speedometers, lights, or even a nice seat, either make sure they are truly secure or take them with you. Again, most bike accessories are designed to be easily removed just for this reason. If you do not remove them, someone else will. This might seem like a hassle, but so is replacing stuff you just bought.

Follow all these rules, and just maybe you'll graduate with the same bike on which you started.