American Studies 10, Fall 2008
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Basic Information
Department American Studies
Number 10
Units 4

American Studies 10 introduces us to the meaning of work in the American landscape.

Course DescriptionEdit

This course will introduce students to the interdisciplinary field of American Studies, taking “Work” as its central theme. We will explore the way historians, political economists, geographers, sociologists, writers and artists understand the meaning of work, the places where Americans work, and the stories we tell ourselves about our work lives. Specific topics will include the American class system, the psychology of work, labor history, the political economy of farm labor, places of work-- factories, offices and kitchens, and popular culture representations of work and everyday life.[1]



Current InformationEdit

TTh 12:30-02:00 160 Kroeber Instructors: Kathy Moran & Michael Cohen

Sec. 101: CC# 02006 Tu 02:00-03:00, 259 Dwinelle

Sec. 102: CC# 02009 Tu 04:00-05:00, 183 Dwinelle

Sec. 103: CC# 02012 W 10:00-11:00, 179 Stanley

Sec. 104: CC# 02015 W 02:00-03:00, 228 Dwinelle

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